If you want to choose the Cream HN Crystal, there are important things to note even well studied. What are that? One of the most important things that is concerning the use of the cream. If you are not familiar on how to use it, then you will have in the problem later. Product if used not with supposed to, then it will impact badly on the results that you can get later. Thus it has become an imperative to do search and knowledge of some of the procedures that you have to do to get the best cream it later so that it corresponds to what is needed and desired.


There are at least two procedures use Cream HN Crystal you must know it well. Two uses of it includes two things i.e. use the cream during the day and at night. Both of them do require different treatment because it is considered to be great and has many advantages. Having regard to the use of both types, it is expected will be able to give you the ease of play later.

The procedure of use during the day

The first important thing you have to do is in the procedure of use during the day. In use during the day, there are some important things that you should know before you know how to use it should be done. First of all, you should wash your face clean with clean water. Use SOAP to clean it rinse and then dry it. When you dry out the face, it’s good indeed if you use only and do not use a towel. Once dry, then apply the cream on the face and neck is also in the time of day.

Procedure for the use of Cream in the evening

In addition to be used during the day, you can actually use this cream in the evening. If you want to use it at night, then there are some important procedures that you should be doing. Important procedures you must do it should indeed be carefully accounted for and well done. If you want to make use of the process, then this will give you a good chance to be able to make you know it will be a few other special attention. If you want to use the evening, you should wash your face first until clean and let it dry. At the time of the skin moist, you can use a cotton swab to clean first, and after that the cream was olehkan.

Well, that’s two different important procedures and should be well understood before you purchase the product. If only buying only, easy to do but not in a way to use it should’ve been a special attention and should be so important. That’s what you should pay attention to in using the Cream HN Crystal.